Wow! What a great profile! We like your shots! We’d like to promote your work! Etc, etc… ⭐️ Everyone proposes to subscribe to a platform and “sell” the photos, knowing very well that everyone makes a simple screenshot. Humans (not only Italians) always find ways to avoid paying. But I prefer to wait, instead of accepting one of these “offers”. Yes, it’s true… I’m always looking for work: it’s called “keeping active” as well as “I have to eat and pay bills too, like everyone else” but the most important thing is that we need to clarify all the situation: NORMALLY an agency has customers, hires a photographer with a regular contract and he/she satisfy the wishes of the customer, who (hopefully!) will make a good advertisement to the agency, which will have all the convenience to select the best photographers for their work. It can also be done by the same photographer, if he/she has a studio or a page, with the difference that he has to KNOW SOMETHING about photography. This creates the famous abstract concept of REPUTATION that so many people need today. I don’t, I’m “the other kind of guy” that has too much ego to believe that his photos can’t be bad… whom is also the jerk they offer to sell off his job, every 3-4 days. Hey! I’m also the one who’s always studying how to improve, so don’t blame me! 😉 I’m not saying that I’m against this or that promotion: all I’m saying is that it makes me sad to think that this has become the ONLY WAY to do it online; the net offers much more possibilities, but we are playing it out for a bunch of money. What news? I’d laugh if I hadn’t lost the will to joke about ethics.

PS. Attached a bad photo.


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